Well another year has passed and I spent the evening yet again at the all-famous Cheesecake Factory eating my favorite orange chicken and avocado eggs rolls!  The tradition started back in Hawaii at the Waikiki factory with my track family, followed me across the country to Ohio, and has made it’s debut here in California!  I am so blessed to have friends and family who tell me everyday, and not just my birthday, that they love me!

One of my favorite things to do on a birthday is to ask the one celebrating to tell me their “Top 3” list: the top three things that made their year what it was (from events, to changes, to people they met or places they’ve seen, it can be  anything they can think of… but it can only be 3!)  So it’s only fair if I share my Top 3 with you!

Number 3: Travel the world

My travels began shortly after my birthday as me and my momma road tripped from Ohio to California.  Visiting something like 10 states in 7 days was what we accomplished… I saw Chicago, The Mall of America, Badlands, Mt Rushmore, The Rockies, Arches National Park, and Grand Canyon.  Just a couple of months later I found myself landing in a costal town in Northern Africa for a week before heading into the Atlas Mountains to backpack into the Berber villages where the people rocked my world and God put on display His incredible creation for me!  In February I headed back to Columbus for a weekend reunion with my Ohio family and roommate.  June brought an amazing celebration of love on the Rosenthal farm in Portland as one of my besties got married and 48 hours in Seattle with my hume family!  I must say this has been a great whirlwind of a year in the places I’ve gotten to see!

Number 2: Moving Back Home

Who knew that after a five year hiatus from the central valley I would find myself so pleased to be back?  It has been a wonderful change to get reacquainted with my home.  Good to be by family and friends who are as close to me now as when I left for Hawaii all those year ago ;).  It has challenged me in ways I would have never imagined.  And even though I love being on new and unknown adventures there is something to be said about the familiar.  Though I have to admit that even though the setting may be “familiar”, almost everything else about this year has been new and unknown!  Which brings me to number 1…..

Number 1: Pole Vault

You knew it was coming… it’s the essence of why I even have this blog today!  (the story is here in: “How It All Began“)  But I just have to say that I am blown away with where I am at compared to 1 year ago today.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed this life up for myself.  I’m so glad that when you walk daily with Jesus that even the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  He can change and move your life, and more importantly your heart, into joy, peace, freedom, and adventure that you could never create on your own.  I love vaulting.  I love goals.  I love dreams.  and mostly I love Jesus!


Verse of the day: Romans 8:31 (because it’s my birthday: 8/31!)
“What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?”