Happy Summer everyone! Its ONLY a high of 104 today here in Clovis; it may be a perfect day for a pepsi freeze!

I just wanted to share a quick story with everyone about how fun and personal our God truly is! Yesterday I was snatched up to Hume Lake for the day and it was exactly the kind of day that refreshes and reenergizes me; good conversation, good time with Jesus, hiking up and playing in a river, good milkshakes, lots of sun.

Sitting by the lake, sun warming my face, I began to journal. Questions and uncertainties about the future once again started to fill the page. When I had filled an entire page with my craziness, there sat a verse printed right there on the bottom: Psalm 16:11 “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore”. I thought for a second, how wonderfully perfect that truth was when the page was filled with questions about my future. He will show me the path of life.

Maybe I got distracted, maybe its ADD, but it wasn’t a moment later that my mind moved on and I decided to reach into my bag to pull out my 3×5 ‘verse of the day card’ to see what message God would have me hear that day. (My friend Mel had actually written these cards for me two years ago preceding a trip to Morocco, but I have just gotten around to using them in the past couple weeks: procrastination at its best!). And wouldn’t you know, the verse written on that card was Psalm 16:11! It was like I had heard it the first time, but God said to me “stop and really HEAR it”.

He will show me the path of life It is not for me to worry about.

In His presence is fullness of joy... I am not only content, but full of joy when I am with Jesus every moment of the day.

At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore… Pleasures. Forevermore. How wonderful!

I am encouraged by how personal God is. He orchestrated the moment for years. He knew exactly what day I would reach the page in my journal with Psalm 16:11, declaring comfort to my heart in a time of question. He laughed when I forgot to read the cards two years ago, and said to Himself, I will use them in a wonderfully beautiful moment down the road. The creator of the earth took pleasure in sharing that moment with me.

When people ask me how God speaks, I remember moments like these. Through His word, through creation, through circumstances. It takes us slowing down for a second to listen. And sometimes He doesn’t answer all the questions we ask; He chooses silence in areas we want clarity. But, He reaffirms that in His presence is the fullness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore… and so with that I rest in Him. Life is so much better with Jesus!