Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation

Last season was a tough season for me in all aspects: physically, mentally, spiritually. There were a few highs here and there, but it was a season of perseverance and trust. My hope at the end of last season was beginning to diminish for various reasons (it’s usually the accumulation of a series of things that bring a weight upon our shoulders so heavy as to take away hope), but I am so grateful that my true hope lies outside the realms of circumstance and emotion. When the way ahead was fogged and I couldn’t see the light, there was a quiet reassurance (though I couldn’t hear it at the time) that this was all a part of the process. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

Next weekend is the annual “Pole Vault Summit” and this will be the third year in a row I have had the opportunity to travel to Reno to attend. After having only vaulted for 9-10 months, I had the opportunity to first attend in 2012. It was a whirlwind of a thousand pole vaulters and chalk-full of information I had absolutely no clue about! But it inspired an amazing first season of competition! In 2013, having more than a year under my belt, and having completed my first full season, I was a little less nervous and a little more stoked on gathering with the multitude of vaulters from around the nation. The Summit did not disappoint, and I was honored and inspired to talk with, watch, and learn from national and international top competitors, even a couple of Olympic gold medalists (I know, I know, its okay to be jealous). My hope for 2014 is to kick-off the season with new anticipation and expectations. It has been months of physical gains this fall. Some of my testing proves that I am stronger and faster than ever before. But it has only been in the past few weeks that the fog has started to clear on the latter two aspects mentioned above. And with the clearing of that fog brings excitement. I am excited to feel hopeful again. I am excited to love on people. I am excited to learn. I am excited to grow. I am excited to jump again. And I am excited to spend another weekend in Reno gearing up for the 2014 season!