I don’t know how many Good Friday services you have been to in your life, but I have been to at least a dozen or so, none of which have struck me in the same way last night’s did. Somehow it was more personal, like for a moment I was actually sitting there in the garden as Christ went away to pray. Not because some big theatrical production was going on, but because in the quiet solitude of reflection made available towards the end of service I felt Jesus asking, “Will you sit with Me?” Sit with Me as I have sat with the multitudes. Sit with Me in these final hours. Sit with Me for I am in agony over the road laid out before Me…

God, not being restricted by time, nudged me to start praying for Christ as He prepared to go to the cross. That cross He was preparing to endure, not for His own sake, but for mine. And for yours. I had never before felt like I was a part of that night and for the first time, I think, in my life I started to feel the weight of it all. I was there. I watched Him walk over to the trees alone and kneel before His Father. The earnest desire to pray for His strength became overwhelming. Father be with Him. Pain filled my heart as I watched Him make the choice to die in my place… not My will but Yours. And then I realized there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t offer to die in His place because I knew my death would not be enough. It would be stained with sin. He willingly chose to go and I had to let Him.


The kind I can’t repay.

The kind I could not refuse to let happen.

I’ve been shown acts of grace throughout my whole life. Mirrors. Reflections. Shadows. All pointing me towards and teaching me to receive the deepest grace possible. Lord, teach me where and how I can give abundant grace to those in my life! How can I give even a glimpse to those surrounding me so that ultimately they could sit in the knowledge of Your grace??

I think we have an amazing Jesus. And the world is in desperate need of grace. We are the bridge between those two truths. This weekend, would you be willing to lay aside your shyness, your doubts, your fears, your pride, your apathy to become a grace giver?? Someone needs YOU to be the bridge. What an opportunity that is!



SOAR Intentionally my friends!