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In-depth Words

For The Sake Of Grace, Be Disciplined.

Let us not sacrifice discipline in the name of grace. This morning as I laid in bed at 5:05am my [...]

Contrary to popular belief, YOU won’t change the world.

Each of us wants to see the world change for the better, but it will not happen through sheer will [...]

Wait For Great!

Ever since the end of July, I've been waiting on, and sifting through, and searching for the right direction, the [...]

Letting Go. Piece By Piece.

"There's a becoming that happens as we walk with Jesus, but it isn't under a system of achieving. Rather, it [...]

His glory. My good.

You know when you write or say something you think you believe, but then you find yourself in situation after [...]

Temporarily Sidelined

Each time I suffer an injury I learn. I can't say it's my favorite way to learn, but truthfully, it's [...]

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