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In-depth Words

Fostering Ease

UNEASE un·ease: anxiety or discontent As I sat in my quiet time this morning I thought about how busy my mind [...]

Be the bridge.

I don't know how many Good Friday services you have been to in your life, but I have been to [...]

Maintaining Hope When Success Seems Elusive…

In athletics, how do you maintain hope when tangible success seems to elude you? If you've been an athlete (or a [...]

My call to leadership.

Confession: Sometimes my perceived worth of leading finds itself driven by performance rather than calling. Truth: If I am called by Christ, [...]

The Art of Recovery

Recovery is as essential to building strength as the ability to push yourself beyond your limits. It's true whether we [...]

Unnecessary Tension

"You are carrying a lot of unnecessary tension." As I run down the runway for my first attempt, struggling to take off [...]

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