Letting Go. Piece By Piece.

"There's a becoming that happens as we walk with Jesus, but it isn't under a system of achieving. Rather, it is in the act of receiving. In order to receive, we [...]

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His glory. My good.

You know when you write or say something you think you believe, but then you find yourself in situation after situation where that belief is put to the test?? Ever since [...]

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Temporarily Sidelined

Each time I suffer an injury I learn. I can't say it's my favorite way to learn, but truthfully, it's usually the most impactful. Over the past couple of weeks a [...]

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What am I anymore if I’m not this?

...were the words uttered by arguably one of the toughest women in the world. After a devastating loss the thought swirled inside Ronda, "I am nothing." As I laid in bed Tuesday evening [...]

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To make ready.

Tonight I prepare. Prepare to take part. To put into competition what was accomplished at practice. The run. The poles. The bravery. The fight. All gifts given for me to use. [...]

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I began writing this new post on Thursday afternoon but decided to hold off until the weekend. And if truth be told on why I held off, it was because I was competing [...]

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Because He cares.

I just finished writing an entire post about this weekend only to realize it didn't say anything about what the past few days actually held for me. Sure it had all the information [...]

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The Lesson Remains

I thought I was supposed to be a leader. I thought I was supposed to be successful at the top. I thought God wanted to show the world how big and [...]

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Effectual Change

Key Performance Indicator (aka the "KPI") is the terminology here at Altis given to a specific cue or physical move which, when accomplished, has profound effects on the overall performance. For example, [...]

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