Different means, same end?

"He must increase, I must decrease." This verse, so compact yet so powerful if truly taken to heart. Christ must increase. His name. His life. His glory. I, _____________, must decrease. [...]

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When it could go either way…

What do you do when your mind says go and your body says no? How do you continue to keep the fire of will lit while your body isn't cooperating? Differing [...]

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Commitment beyond feeling.

I have loved writing on this blog over the past few years, if for no other reason than the processing and clarity I have obtained in doing so, but also because [...]

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A Healthy Start!

The 2016 season officially began on Monday and this whole "first week of training thing" always hits in unexpected ways! It doesn't matter how prepared you are, there is no predicting exactly [...]

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Dreaming. And dreaming again.

I'm only a couple weeks out from beginning the 2016 training season and man I can't believe it's already here! Honestly it feels like I was JUST in London during the 2012 [...]

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You, a student amidst a thousand other students, matter. You, a guy making coffee for hundreds of unknown faces everyday, matter. You, a mom with three kids covered in spaghetti sauce, matter. [...]

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Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a new month. Tomorrow is August. August 2015. Thirty Augusts ago a new little human was about to enter the world and take her first [...]

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"Track and field is filled with sacrifice, but I've learned that you cannot sacrifice yourself. It's the first rule of being human. We only have one body, and it is ours [...]

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Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, excellent, or worthy of praise, think [...]

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