During one of my technical sessions in the weeks leading up to my Canadian departure, my coach challenged me to move beyond the perfectionistic tendency I seem to have on the [...]

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Encouraged or Compared?

Today I write to you, reader, because of something I have stumbled and struggled through for as long as I can remember. This specific struggle reared it's head this morning as I [...]

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What did you learn?

Life's pace has picked up and with that the intentionality to maintain faithfulness in the little things has become increasingly important. Admittedly I am doing better in some areas than others [...]

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Fostering Ease

UNEASE un·ease: anxiety or discontent As I sat in my quiet time this morning I thought about how busy my mind has been the past couple days. From the moment I wake [...]

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Be the bridge.

I don't know how many Good Friday services you have been to in your life, but I have been to at least a dozen or so, none of which have struck [...]

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Maintaining Hope When Success Seems Elusive…

In athletics, how do you maintain hope when tangible success seems to elude you? If you've been an athlete (or a human being) for more than a few months you've probably asked [...]

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My call to leadership.

Confession: Sometimes my perceived worth of leading finds itself driven by performance rather than calling. Truth: If I am called by Christ, I am called to lead. It's funny how God uses back [...]

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The Art of Recovery

Recovery is as essential to building strength as the ability to push yourself beyond your limits. It's true whether we are talking about fitness, knowledge, job skills, relationship building, or really [...]

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Unnecessary Tension

"You are carrying a lot of unnecessary tension." As I run down the runway for my first attempt, struggling to take off the ground, this phrase rings forth from my coach's mouth. It [...]

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