Incredible! It’s been over a month since an update?! I am so sorry for my lagging!

Its been an eventful few weeks of training and living.  Two weeks ago marked an end to an eight-week cycle and the beginning of another phase.  I am pleased to announce that it 9 of our 10 tests we have chosen for benchmarking this fall I have shown improvement!  It was great to see the gains and feel rewarded from the hard work put in over the course of the first cycle.  Gains in strength and speed mean bigger poles and higher heights.  I am also, very excited to be integrating more pole work into this next phase, cause let’s be real, the reason I train is so that I can flip upside down!

Fall has become a new favorite season of mine.  It marks a time in life where routine can set in for a few months and there can be some “normalcy” to my usually crazy schedule.  It’s a time where I see foundations being built for the coming time, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  However, the past few weeks my schedule has become so filled that those moments of foundational investment have gone by the wayside.  It hit me this week what a disservice it is to let those moments slip away.  Whether it be the quite moments in the morning spent with God, the extra time allowed at the end of practice for complete stretching and rehabbing, or the few more minutes it takes to prepare nutritionally sound meals throughout the day, it is really the little things that count.  All those things that I KNOW are good for me, but somehow are not in my nature to actually do.  Little decisions when added up create big outcomes.  It takes commitment and choice to make those things happen.  Instead of beating myself up and wishing I hadn’t gotten lazy in some of my commitments, it’s time to turn the page and realize that today I can choose to commit once again.

What little things can YOU commit too so that you find in yourself a strong foundation??