When you come to knowing God, the initiative lies on His side. ~CS Lewis

Nothing could be truer in my experience of life.  It is a lesson that God has to teach me over and over again.  In the reoccurring scene of my life: I make a plan, God closes the door.  I adjust to other possibilities, God opens the door.  The things we do in life need to line up with what He has planned for our life, and it is a sweet thing when the two coincide.  This scene has played out once again in the past few weeks of my life.  Earlier in the summer I thought of the possibility of competing in the NAPVA Clovis Street Vault, but was disappointed to find out that the mark to enter in was much higher than I was hoping or expected.  Coming to terms with the fact that there was only a very slim possibility I would be able to reach the level I needed to be at in a few shorts weeks was hard, but thankfully God showed me how progress will be in His timing and not mine.  As local summer meets were coming to a close I was having so much fun, and last Thursday’s clearance made everything that much better :).  It was the perfect way to end the summer and get me excited for the fall training to come.  But as God would have it, I was informed this morning that someone has dropped out of the street vault and that I am now in!  That’s right, I am going to compete in the NAPVA Street Vault in Old Town Clovis!!!  And I could not be more ecstatic! (and nervous!).  I think they said around 10,000 people were out and about at last years street vault and I am looking forward to the excitement that fills the street throughout the night!  In case you live in the area and wanna come check it out, it is on August 12th at Farmer’s Market in downtown Clovis, from 5-10pm. (I’ll probably be a bit later in the evening, like 8 maybe).  Ahhhh! I am so excited!