Today I write to you, reader, because of something I have stumbled and struggled through for as long as I can remember. This specific struggle reared it’s head this morning as I sat and read a few posts from a new blog I ran across. The stumbling thought was this, “Maybe I should be doing ______.”

At first glance it doesn’t seem so detrimental to dream about the things you feel you should be doing; sometimes there are moments where God stirs a burden or a passion inside of you that completely flips your world upside down, and that is a good thing, but there is also this nasty little tendency in us called comparison (only magnified because of social media, youtube, blogs, and the like). Rather than read and be inspired to move in our own way, we think we need to move in the SAME way.

I read this blog, this amazing blog, of a girl who has followed the steps God has called her to take and the outcome has resulted in adoption, and advocacy, and care for the orphaned in China. It brought me to tears as I read the intricate steps that led her right smack dab into the middle of Christ’s will for HER life. And there was a thought, “What am I doing?? How can I sit here and train and pole vault when there are broken, starving, homeless, orphaned, persecuted, trafficked human beings around the world desperate for help? I should be in China, I should be adopting, I should be helping, I should be ________….”  The list could go on and on.

There are often times my heart actually feels these things. And I do believe God has a plan for me to be involved in eradicating these issues (yes eradicating! I believe His heart is absolutely broken over these issues and that He desires for none to perish! He is good and He is faithful and He has chosen us to be the vehicle of bringing healing and hope to those around the world and in our own backyard… Whether through going and serving, or staying and sending, financially and prayerfully we all have a responsibility to be involved…) yet I also have a clear direction that I am supposed to be pole vaulting at this moment. Just in the way that He has directed the path of Meredith in ways only He could, He has directed and woven together the path that led me here. And He directs a specific path for YOU! Yes you. Now I don’t think you sit there and read my blog and say to yourself, “Oh my goodness, I think I am supposed to pole-vault to bring the Good News to the nations” (or maybe you do! and in that case I say DO IT!), but you may have the tendency to look at others and think to yourself “Maybe I should be ________.”

My prayer, truly, is that you are encouraged to give your life, your will, your desires over to the Creator so your eyes can see the good works He has prepared for you. I hope if you’ve never opened your hands to truly give it all over, you would do that today, right now… I also hope that if you have, that you would remain strong and walk boldly with “your eyes looking straight ahead; fixing your gaze directly before you.” * Let yourself be encouraged! We are all here, running the race together, to encourage and stir one another up to love and good works, but do not succumb to the lie that somehow you are not enough, that your life doesn’t compare, that you should be here instead of there in the pursuit God has fashioned for you!

SOAR Intentionally my friend!

walk your path

*Proverbs 4:25-27