As you may or may not have deduced from recent posts on social media, I am not currently in Fresno. Actually I am in Phoenix. You know, Phoenix Arizona. Now I know you are asking yourself… why?? Why would I venture from the “cool” summer air of the Central Valley California? Why now? Why Arizona? One answer: The beaches! They’re awesome. Oh and the palm trees too! Definitely. I’m diggin AZ. But in all seriousness, I am enjoying the cacti, dust, and burning desert sun of Phoenix! It’s been amazing.

What brought me out here is a little place called the World Athletics Center (WAC). For the past year and half I have been following the WAC on twitter, and when the opportunity came up for me to drive out to Austin with my brother last month, I knew I had to visit! Some of the best track and field athletes, as well as bobsled athletes, in the world train at this facility in Phoenix. World class coaches, physical therapists, and strength training coaches call this place home.  So it was a no-brainer when I would be traveling through Arizona, that a stop was a must. Too be honest I was a bit intimidated. After I emailed, I didn’t hear back right away. After a week I emailed again hoping it would go through properly. And it wasn’t until about 12 hours before I stopped, as my brother and I were en route, that I got an email saying they would be there for me to see the facility. As I arrived I expected to get a little handshake welcome and 15 minute tour before being sent on my way. But what I received was the most friendly of welcomes, introduction to athletes and coaches, tour of facilities, challenging conversation, and vision. Yes. Vision.

“Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.” -Andy Stanley

The difference between someone having a dream and someone having vision is purpose. Intentionality. And what I experienced at WAC that day was intentionality. So when the opportunity arose last week to come out here and train I knew I had to respond! One week down, one more to go… and what I have experienced thus far has only solidified and deepened what I experienced in the first few moments I spent at WAC those weeks ago. It’s a place of vision. There is much more to be said, but for now, I hope you caught a glimpse into why I am here in Arizona. I am here to learn, to train, and to envision what lies before me.

As you take a few moments to think about your life today, where you are at in this moment, can you say that you are ending up somewhere on purpose?? If not, what small changes could be made so that you could start having vision for your life? All it takes is one small intentional response to land somewhere on purpose.