Today I had the wonderful opportunity to travel out to Fowler High School, which is about 30 minutes from where I live, and speak to their FCA Huddle. I was amazed at the turnout! To my knowledge their enrollment is somewhere between 600-700 students, seventy two of those students, not including coaches or volunteers, were at the huddle today! That is a wonderful amount of kids who are willing to give up their lunch break (though they do get pretty awesome pizza, I had a slice after I spoke!) to hear someone speak about Christ. Before I took the microphone, five students pulled me aside and prayed for me and for the time together. Afterwards several more student came up front and I was able to speak one on one with them.

Looking back to high school I would have never imagined that this is where my life path would have led. And though I am still terrified of microphones, God is gracing me with more and more confidence each time I step in front of a crowd; not because I am worthy, or super articulate, or wittingly funny, but because He has a message that He wants each of those students to hear. Christ came to seek and save the lost. The broken. The hurting. The searching. The angry. The discontent. The ones who have been cast aside and need to know that they are loved. And no fear of a microphone will ever be stronger than they urge to share that love with anyone who is willing to listen.

I encouraged the students today to See Opportunity And Respond, much of what you hear from me on this website all the time. But today I was reminded of what an OPPORTUNITY it really is to speak. Many times the opportunities God calls us to are way outside our comfort zone. But it’s because He wants to stretch us, to grow us, and to show His strength through us; to reach people who may have never heard about Jesus in any other way than the way He is deciding to use you. If you are feeling that nudge to do something that seems impossible, if you have that pressing on your heart or that thought that just wont go away about something that seems way outside your comfort zone, take a moment and ask God if this is an area that He wants to use you in. Not because you are worthy, or qualified, or even ready. But because there are people who need to be loved and issues that need to be attended to, and He is waiting to use anyone who is willing. Chose to be faithful. Choose to step out. Choose to SOAR.


Fowler High FCA Huddle