I began writing this new post on Thursday afternoon but decided to hold off until the weekend. And if truth be told on why I held off, it was because I was competing on Saturday… and with the way the past few weeks have been going and how great my body was feeling, I anticipated being able to write with much enthusiasm about how well I did and what new height I cleared. There has been so much happening in January that I was in no need of content for the post, it was just that with all that was within me, I was truly excited to write to you once again from the other side of 13 feet!

Well Saturday came. And I jumped. And everything in my heart wants to tell you of the great height I cleared. But God has different plans. Not necessarily better or worse, but different. Instead of writing about what height was or was not cleared, I know that I am supposed to write about what was accomplished and has been continually accomplished anew every day the past few weeks. And it goes beyond the physical outcomes of personal achievements.

What was truly achieved on Saturday was a reminder to my heart that God is in control. What was accomplished was another step in the journey towards remembering that every outcome, win and lose, is meant to shape me more into the image of Christ. What was given to me was grace to again compete more mentally stable and physically consistent than I have so in months.

I was reminded that our deepest fulfillment is not found in what we do, but who we do it with.

The world continues to tell us that if we finally achieve this height, cultivate that skill, apply this thought, get that degree, we will finally find fulfillment and peace. Each of those in and of themselves are great things, but if there is one thing I was mistaken in last week (and to be clear there was definitely more than one!) it was thinking that waiting to write a post until Saturday after how well I did and what height I cleared would somehow be more fulfilling for me and more impactful to you than writing anything earlier in the week. That is just not the case.


So instead I sit here on my roof, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, smiling at God’s continued patience with me as I learn to live this life under His approval and not striving for man’s (both my own and yours). You see His approval is unchanging. While mine and yours may come and go depending on circumstance and performance, in Christ His never wavers… that’s the promise we get when we place our faith in Jesus, because His resurrection was God’s ultimate stamp of approval. Hear me when I say that I struggle with this. Striving for the approval of man has been an issue for me for as long as I can remember. It’s a process, learning to live under the promises and freedom that come with faith in Christ, but don’t loose heart, His patience will outlast our toddler-like comprehension rate! Trust me. I know. He hasn’t given up on me and He won’t give up on you! Rest in that assurance today! In Jesus, you have the full unwavering approval of God. Let that love and approval spur you on to continue taking steps to SOAR Intentionally!