Just a little update/rant/thank you as we head into the 2014 Outdoor Season…

First I am really excited to compete! It’s my favorite! I love to travel around the state (hopefully someday soon the state will turn into the nation, and the nation will turn into the world) competing and being amongst other competitors! I love the opportunity that has been placed before me to train and to compete… and the lessons that are learned every single time I step on the runway! Much has been learned in the last couple months about mentality, confidence, process, potential, performance, and calling! And I am confident I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


Second I am excited for a few great opportunities coming up in the near future! Next month I will be speaking at Clovis North High School (April 2nd), The FCA Night of Champions (April 12th), and at Red Bank Elementary School (April 23rd)! What will it look like if each and every one of those kids, adults, and campuses started to grasp the idea of what it means to See Opportunity And Respond in the small everyday happenings?! I believe BIG things! Join with me and praying for that?!


Thirdly I am super encouraged by the support I receive both on and off the field. No matter the outcome of performance in each meet, my prayer has been, and will continue to be, that others are encouraged as they watch me process through the craziness of this journey! In the past few weeks I’ve been diving into some pretty incredible stories with some pretty incredible people. Some stories have seemed extraordinary to the naked eye, others actually quite “ordinary”… but EVERY story has encouraged my heart because I see the uniqueness that God has woven into each one of them. My prayer is that you find what makes YOU incredibly unique in this 2014 season of life (because you are: see Genesis 1:27 Psalm 139 and Ephesians 2:10)! And I truly believe that if we can begin to understand the truth that we are created by God specifically, uniquely, and purposefully, we will each have the ability and the responsibility to see the opportunities God places before us, and in turn we will have the confidence to respond!