“You see it’s funny you should ask…”

This is how I seem to be responding to THE QUESTION… you know the one, it’s asked to every person in their mid-twenties…”What are you doing with your life?”.  And really, its quite a remarkable turn of events God has brought about.  I’m so glad the Big Guy has a sense of humor.

Through a series of events over the past few months I have landed myself amongst an amazing group of guys coaching track at Clovis East High School.  If you asked me six months ago whether or not the crazy man who approached my dad at church was my pole vault coach, I would have responded with a: “say what??”  But today, if you see AJ Blackburn walking around, I would point him out to you and say “Yeah, that’s the one, the slappy over there… yeah he’s my coach!”.  You will know three things about Blackburn within a few minutes of meeting him: 1. He loves Jesus. 2. He loves his girls (all three of them!) 3. He LOVES pole vault.  And if you know anything of love, you know it to be contagious!

Let’s start the story in January.  It was the beginning of season, and I was excited to be back on the track after almost three years.  I decided to take up an offer made to me a couple months back, that if I ever wanted to learn pole vault I was more than welcome on the runway.  Why not take an offer to try something dangerous and exciting!?  I would stay around after practice doing a few pole vault drills, a couple pop-ups, maybe some bubkas (yea I didn’t know what they were either) on the bars, but nothing too much.  Then everything changed. On March 8th, Blackburn looked at me and said, “You wanna move back and really take off the ground?” Heck yes I did!  We moved my stride back and for the first time I felt the excitement of flying! The only bummer was that I had to leave: you see I had a shift at the restaurant that evening.  My tables must have thought I was a bit “off” if you know what I mean, cause no normal person smiles that much in one evening!  After getting off work (at 1:30am still smiling) I saw that I had a text message from Blackburn from earlier in the evening.  Apparently God was fueling the same fire in both of us.  What would happen if a coach was crazy enough to believe in an athlete starting a sport at the age of 25… if that athlete was crazy enough to believe in the coach… and they were both ready to see the opportunity God was placing in front of them?  Here I am with a coach who believes, and a God who is able to do incredible things.

So you say, “What are you doing with your life?”

Funny you should ask…