You know those days when you wake up defeated.  There is a sense of heaviness, sometimes caused by nothing in particular, but it’s a weight you just can’t seem to shake.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I knew that prayer was my one lifeline, and that I needed to cling to it to get through the day.  And God was faithful.  All throughout the day He gave me strength for each task I needed to accomplish, but I would like to share my experience during yesterday’s practice where I really did reach the end of my rope….

Going into the workout I knew that I needed to shake the weight of the day to be able to finish.  I headed out to the foothills to reach a hill long/steep enough for the hill sprints I needed to run.  After warming up alongside a beautiful canal I thought to myself, okay you are ready to attack this.  But after just the first of four sets I wanted to quit.  Yes, it was a hard workout physically, but there was something more, something deeper fighting inside of me.  Something telling me that I couldn’t finish.  Just go home, hit the reset button, and start with a new day tomorrow… today has been hard enough.  But I couldn’t.  That’s not me I told myself.  You are not a quitter.  I mean you aren’t going to die doing this are you? No.  So step up and run another set.  After set two, it came again.  Pushing harder screaming louder.

Just be done.
You are done mentally and physically.
Call it a day.
You can’t finish this.

What the heck is going on?  This isn’t you.  Again I told myself, you are not a quitter.  Especially because this is only set two of four.  That’s only half of what you were supposed to do. No. You are stronger than this. You will go again. Set three. Go.

To put it plainly, set three sucked.  I battled back and fourth, back and fourth.  The sun was setting quick and it was getting darker, so when I reached the top of the hill at the end of set three I said to myself… okay you’re done.  That was it.  You gave it your best, and you finished three out of four.  You have a meet this weekend anyways, you can be done.

But quietly a couple of lines from a worship song started playing in my head…

“I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me.
My flesh may fail, but My God you never will.”

Over and over again it played.  And I thought.  One more rep.  Finish one more rep.  Not even the whole set, just run, as fast as you can one more.  I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me.  My flesh may fail, but My God you never will.  Go.  And I ran it.  Just one more rep.  You finished that one, there is only two left. Finish. I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me.  My flesh may fail, but My God you never will.  Second rep done.  Only one more. Please just be done.  Let the workout be done. The sun is gone, it’s dark, it’s cold, but there is only one more. I may be weak, but Your Spirit’s strong in me.  My flesh may fail, but My God you never will. 

Somehow I reached the end of the workout.  It was done.  But it wasn’t me who could get myself through it, I was truly done after the third set. But I tell you that God stepped in. He wanted me to finish, and He was going to give me the strength to do it. He wasn’t going to let me fail.  He wasn’t going to let me walk away. I feel like He wants me to share this. That there is someone out there, maybe it’s you, who is saying I’m done and I have nothing left in me.  I have no fight.  That may be true, but I want to tell you that God has enough fight.  He has enough strength.  YOU may be weak, but HIS SPIRIT is strong.  YOUR flesh may fail, but YOUR GOD never will.  Trust in Him.