The thing with living your life as an open book, inviting others to journey with you, is that the shortcomings are just as public as the victories. Last week, as I no-heighted, some of the weaknesses in my vault were lived out in front of an audience. And my pride was not very happy about that. As we journey our life of faith, inviting others to walk alongside, there will be times when our shortcomings are played out front and center… and that can be hard to swallow.

One amazing outcome of last Monday was the fact that my coach gained totally clarity on the next steps of my training. His eyes were opened to exactly what needs to be perfected in my vault before I venture to compete again. Though it was identified before, the collapsing of my left arm at take-off was leading to inconsistency in my vault. We had been working on this skill, looking at video and analyzing whether it was collapsed, or partially blocked out, or mostly out… but there was no consistency in it actually being blocked out. So when competition rolled around I quickly defaulted to the normal collapsing… This led to the revelation that the acceptance of a partial execution was actually hindering me from mastery.¬†Modality in training has since switched. No longer will we settle for a “better” left arm in practice, we will only accept perfection. No degree of success in the skill itself, it was either blocked out or it wasn’t… No “it’s partially blocked out”… No “it was better than last time”… no settling for almost… only yes it was or no it wasn’t. Degree of success will be found in frequency alone. We want 10 out of 10 jumps; at the moment we found ourselves at 1 out of 10. The only way to move forward is to increase frequency in the completion of the skill.

God has been teaching me for so many years now that being faithful in the little things is the core of our walk with Him. Only when we are faithful and focused on the little things will the big things fall into place. And there is no “you were partially obedient”, no almost obedient,¬†either you obeyed or didn’t. He has called you to do something, and either you have or you haven’t done it. Either you are or you are not obeying. For years I justified partial obedience to His calling as better than a complete disregard, and it left me in no-man’s land, never moving forward in my faith. When push came to shove I would revert back to old habits, because I hadn’t practiced complete obedience. The Lord says He takes no pleasure in the “lukewarm”, in fact He’d rather have you choose either hot or cold. So, can I ask you a question?

What has the Lord been placing on your heart that you have only been half-heartily following?

Can I encourage you today to no longer take pleasure in the half-hearted following of Jesus, but to jump all in, and not be afraid of failure?! Either you obeyed or you didn’t. Jesus doesn’t love you more or less because you obeyed or didn’t, but our faith will never move forward if we settle in half-hearted compliance to our calling. The degree of success isn’t measured in the partial obedience, but in the frequency of obedience.¬†

Had I wished that this revelation could have been played out on the small stage of our practice field instead of in the hometown save mart center arena? Yes. Maybe. Actually no. Because I am so grateful to journey this road with you all and in front of you all; hoping that you may be encouraged by the lessons He is teaching my heart! Thank you for journeying with me!