The past couple of weeks I have been working on the issue of fear in my life.  As I’m standing at the end of the runway, I feel God saying that “this is a no-fear event” and though I’m applying it to pole-vault, I’m pretty sure He means for me to see the broader picture.  It’s actually incredible how many times a day I am drawing parallels between this sport and life itself.  I am sure the same is true for you in the endeavors placed on your plate.  But what are we supposed to do with the lessons we are learning?  For one, we are to put them into practice in our daily living.  But I think another, is so that we can learn from one another!  That’s one of the beauties of reading the narrative stories in the Bible.  We learn from their lives that the lessons they learned from God are the same lessons being taught to us today, just in different contexts.

 Genesis 15, 26, 46

After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram saying “Do NOT fear, Abram, I am a shield to you…”

The Lord appeared to Isaac, “Do NOT fear, for I am with you…”

God spoke to Israel, “Jacob, Jacob… Do NOT be afraid to go down to Egypt…”  

 Now why would God say do not fear, unless the person who was listening was terrified??  Don’t you always picture the hero of the story, being this person who could run into a burning building and come out with a kid over each shoulder and the family cat in his hand, and all the while he had no fear… Well come to find out what makes a person brave is not the lack of fear, it’s the willingness to go despite the fear.  A great story takes nail-biting moments, and nail-biting moments take great courage.  Beth Moore made a comment that “Those who God uses greatly (like the ones mentioned above) seem to greatly battle fear.  Therefore, we may battle fear, but we must not let it win.”  Let’s look fear in the eye and not back down.  The only way to overcome fear is to do something you are afraid of: so what are you afraid of?