One week from today I will be competing in the Husky Classic at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am so stoked for the opportunity to head up north to an awesome indoor facility for another chance to vault! During college we always came to the Dempsey Indoor Track for two or three meets a year and I have great memories and performances there. Spencer Chang (vault coach for the University of Hawaii) will be coaching me for the weekend, and last time we worked together I PR’d… so needless to say I am excited to jump under his direction next weekend as well.

Practice this week went very well. It was a pretty heavy load, but even amongst the dead legs, Coach Blackburn and I were able to solidify a 7 stride run which I am looking forward to using next Saturday. The main focus since Reno a couple weeks ago has been to press my left arm into the pole, giving a greater resistance which will in return allow me to get on bigger poles. It is a key element that I am excited to work on. So next weekend will not be about heights, but being able to maintain that aspect of the vault in a meet situation. Blackburn has also been challenging me mentally, transforming me into a more confident and stronger competitor. I am so thankful to have a coach that is not only extraordinary technically, but has the ability to get at me emotionally.

Also, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported me by purchasing a SOAR shirt! You guys are making it possible for me to go to meets like the Husky Classic, and without you I truly wouldn’t be able to do it! And if you haven’t already bought one, I suggest you do so immediately… it will up your awesomeness level by at least 5 points!  Click here to check em out!


Dempsey Indoor Track
University of Washington