I twittered this morning “Something big is changing today…. Stay tuned…. #changeisgood #SOAR”

As I sat on the couch yesterday I had the inkling to check out the Locks of Love website.  I have always heard about the program, and seen many people do donations, though I have never had hair long enough to do a donation myself.  So after reading the length of donation was a minimum of 10 inches I got out a ruler and measured my hair.  Realizing that I in fact had ten inches of healthy hair that I could donate, I got super antsy and super excited!  What an opportunity to be a part of giving a child with permanent hair loss a chance at their own prosthetic!  Though I must say as I thought about it more, the loss of ten or more inches of hair made my gut drop… I do love being able to hold a curling iron to my hair however infrequent those occasions may be!  But what is ten inches of my hair, when a child looses every inch of theirs?!

I knew I needed moral support in this so I immediately texted my friend Ashley who is a super amazing hair stylist and asked her to be a part of it.  Since she was busy all day yesterday we made the appointment for 2:30 this afternoon.  As I woke up this morning I knew I didn’t want to back out: thus I sent out a tweet to facebook and twitterverse committing me to the “big change”!  Ashley was such a great motivator and her being so excited about chopping my hair off made me that much more enthused to make the cut!  Here are the pictures of the whole event… Thanks Ash for being a part of my crazy impromptu idea!