Well my last post was a wrap up of the year, and this post is looking forward. It took me much longer than my predicted “next day” post to be able to formulate out goals for this next year.  And though I have come up with a few overarching aspirations, God is continually challenging me daily/weekly/monthly; so these will just be the framework for everything God desires of me in the year ahead.


  1. Indoors: Jump 4.30 and make it to USATF Championships. This is an incredibly high ambition, especially because the indoor season is so short and not many competitions are around my area (i’ll probably only have 1 or 2 meets to accomplish this). But without extremely high ambitions I’ll never reach the level I want too by 2016.
  2. Outdoors: Jump 4.40 and make it to USATF Championships. Again, though incredibly difficult, I know I wouldn’t have jumped 4.10 in my first season if I hadn’t set my sights on Olympic Trials.
  3. Training: To be intentional with every exercise and drill.  My time in training is limited because I am not at a level that I can acquire any sponsorship, so my focus must be quality over quantity (which really should be my focus not matter the circumstances).  Each plyo needs to be explosive, each core exercise done with proper form, and every lift with pure focus.


  1. To step outside my comfort zone more often. To invest in people and kids lives above and beyond what is easy and normative. To have challenging conversations. We have all been given one life here on this earth, and it’s a shame to think how many  hours and days we can waste away with distractions.  It’s a daily decision to be invested, but it’s one I am challenged to take.
  2. To make time for fun. Sometimes I have a tendency to get to focused on one goal and forget about taking a moment to be silly, be spontaneous, and go on a hike, or jump on a trampoline, or go to the beach.
  3. To continue deepening my relationship and trust with Jesus Christ. It’s my source of hope and peace, it’s the only relationship I have with me 24/7, and it’s a relationship with the God who made me the very person I am.