“Opening height 3.30, Mallory is up…”  These are the words that got my heart pumping double time on Saturday! After a couple long breaths, I stepped on the runway and tried to look confident!  No more than 30 seconds later I found myself lying on the mat, clearing my first bar!  And as Tim would say it was SAH-WEET!  All I could think was “Yes!!! I didn’t no-height in my first meet!” Which after only 2 months of pole vaulting I am thankful God allowed me this great accomplishment!  For those of you who know vaulting at all I blew through my 13’ 150 and had to go up to the 155.  I should have known better than to become tentative (this is the natural instinct when you move to a bigger pole, but the instinct you have to fight, because when you go up it’s go big or go home).  The first two attempts at 3.45 were pretty much a waste in the sense of making the bar… BUT in the big scheme of learning how to compete I learned a lot about nerves and what not to do!  Isn’t it great that you can learn even when you mess up?  And I couldn’t help making the correlation to our journey in faith.  I won’t go into details right now, but I am so thankful that God has been able to use each and every situation in my life to teach me how to better walk with Him.  Even the times that are completely opposite of what we were supposed to do.  The only way to learn to walk with God is to take a step, even if it’s the wrong step He is faithful to redirect us.  Michael Jordan said it best when he said “ we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take”. So take a shot! Airball it! Learn from it!… Okay, back to the competition: the third attempt was decent but too little, too late.  And this is where I got out.  All in all I am stoked to have cleared my first true bar in a competition following a bit of training. 

Quick side note: I took a 4th attempt at 3.45 (11’4”) after the competition and cleared it!

I am so thankful to have gotten into a competition and re-learn what it feels like to compete after a 3 year hiatus.  It feels good to be back on the track, and I am excited to learn and progress throughout the summer.  I am so thankful for my coach, my dad and brother, Josie, Phil, Becky, Rachel, and everyone else who couldn’t be there but who supported me in thought and prayer!  It was a blast. 

Now, back to the track, I’ve got lots of work to do!