Mallory Lynn Gilbert

Timing has been anything but ordinary in my life and, with a sense of humor, the Lord has seen fit to present opportunities only when the door of normalcy usually closes itself – bringing life to the phrase “better late than never!” So in 2011, when I was 25 years old and the opportunity to begin pole vaulting (yes you read that right) arose, it made complete sense! Well okay, maybe not complete, but at least partial… And that was enough for my yes!

That decision was what birthed this blog a few months later. A way in which I could parallel what I was learning in pole vault with truths I was learning about my life in Christ. Laying in bed one night I was praying about what on earth to call this new blog when the word soar came to mind. Immediately, I was struck by the beauty of the word! The allure of something that soars always captures the attention of the viewer because soar signifies more than mere movement. Whether in context of a bird during flight or the condition of the human spirit, soaring is inundated with freedom, beauty, and grace. Yes SOAR! SOAR Intentionally. That would be the name of the blog!

What I didn’t know then was the depth to which the phrase would weave itself into the fabric of my Christian life, or the way the Christ life would weave itself into the phrase. It’s been a journey harder than I could have ever imagined, but without a doubt it’s been worth it. Almost eight years of sold-out obedience to Christ – intentionally, not perfectly, taking each step as it’s come – has led me to where I’m at right now… And whatever endeavor I find myself pursuing from here on out, I know now that I will never not soar; it’s what we were all created to do! (Including you!) I’m convinced of it. My greatest desire, outside of knowing and loving Jesus, is being and creating a bridge in people’s lives: one in which they can cross from knowing about Jesus, to actually knowing Him! If there is one thing I pray the words written in this blog will do, it’s that.



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Social Media

Snap Shot Answers

  • Resides: In Phoenix
  • Favorite Snack: Chips and Guac
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee!
  • Second Favorite Drink: Coffee!
  • Bucket List: A handstand on every continent!
  • Mountains or Ocean: Mountains
  • Siblings: Two brothers
  • Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice (2005), and ANY Harry Potter
  • Places Lived: California, Hawaii, Hume Lake, Ohio, Arizona
  • Countries Visited: USA, Canada, Belize, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Israel, UK
  • Life Verse: Luke 16:10


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