2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.”

Wow! What a crazy 48 hours it’s been!  Thursday afternoon kicked off the track-filled weekend with our high school hosting an exciting League Championships; some of our kids walked away with PR’s, all-league, and league champion honors.  It was such a pleasure to watch these kids come out and battle against their competitors in the early May heat wave and walk away successful, doing better than they ever have before!

Early Friday morning started preparations for the SOAR School Vault at Oraze Elementary School. Being that we had League Championships the day before (not allowing for any prep work to be done on Thursday) we had plenty of work to fill the day.  With the help of coach Blackburn, all the east guy vaulters, and the Beekman’s forklift/flatbed we were able to set up the pit, standards, and runway just as the afternoon came to a close.  By 6:00pm we were up and running for warm ups, and at 6:15 I grabbed the mic to introduce SOAR and our field of vaulters.  As I looked at the crowd, it was much younger than I anticipated and knew I needed to modify what I was talking about. (Not only make it shorter for the little ones’ attention span, but also using examples that would apply to a 5 year olds life).  The words that proceeded weren’t exactly what I hoped for, but with every time I speak I learn a little more about preparation and modification.  One thing I learned was that I need to better introduce myself and what I am all about (which can be hard for me sometimes)… To be honest the thought of being on a microphone terrifies me, and I feel like I froze up a little… It’s crazy that I can run down the runway with a 14 foot fiberglass pole and catapult 15 feet in the air, but when a microphone is placed in my hand a timid spirit overtakes me.  Reading the verse in Timothy that the Lord has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power and love and discipline, gives me great encouragement to be bold in love and faith, sharing what God has done in my heart. I just pray the kids were encouraged and excited by all the action the vault brings, and that my words made sense to their sweet hearts! And my prayer is that next time I will lean more on God’s Spirit and not my own!

What a huge learning experience the entire process was.  I learned a lot of lessons and am thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of hosting the school vault. It is what SOAR is all about: Seeing Opportunity And Responding.  Just because you respond to an opportunity doesn’t mean everything is going to be perfect, but God can use our imperfections to make and impact on those around us.  He also uses our response to teach us more about how to trust Him when things seem overwhelming!  I can’t wait for another opportunity to grow and develop in my trust of Him.

I am so proud of our boys and the work they put in, and the show they put on!  Each of them being seniors and moving on next year to a new phase of life, I pray they will take the experiences and lessons they have learned in their four years at Clovis East and apply them to whatever they do.  I pray they see the opportunities God places before them and have the courage to seize them!


Here are a few photos from the evening…