What a weekend!  I just got back last night from a couple of fantastic days down in Southern California where I competed at the Mt. Sac Relays and the Beach Invitational.  First and foremost this weekend showed me once again the amazing support system I have through my family and friends!  My friend Bryan and his grandpa let me crash a couple nights at their house, and I am so thankful to have had a house and warm bed to sleep in each night.  It definitely helps your performance knowing you can sleep soundly and cook a good breakfast in the morning!  Also, this weekend my coach was unfortunately not able to travel down with me, but Spencer Chang and the girls from Hawaii did an amazing job filling in and helping me catch mid-marks and even filming my jumps for me!  Pole vaulting is hard enough when you have a coach, but to try and do it without one makes things even crazier; I am so thankful to have had those guys to push, coach, and encourage me this weekend!

Friday morning I competed at the Mt. Sac Relays, where some of the best athletes from around the world come to compete.  It was a great atmosphere to be around, and inspired me to go big!  There were a couple of tense, 3rd attempt, make it or break it moments, but I came out of my division with a win and a new PR: 4.10m!!!! (13’5.5″) A back-to-back PR, with 4m last weekend in Sacramento and 4.10m on Friday… what more can a girl ask for?!  It was a great feeling clearing 4.10 on my first attempt and falling that 13 and half feet knowing I was one step closer to my dream!  I almost face planted, tripping on the mat as I was running off it screaming with excitement!  That would have been a show for all the spectators to see 🙂

Saturday brought on the Beach Invitational.  When I woke up in the morning I was definitely fatigued from Friday’s competition, but I thought “heck, it’s another day to vault… just go out there and have fun no matter the height you do or don’t make”.  Each time I stepped on the runway it was 10 times more work to focus and run than it was on Friday.  But even on tired legs I pulled out a 3.97m (13′ 0.25″) performance.  What I liked most about it, was that it showed me what I am capable of even when really fatigued.  Before last weekend I had never jumped over 13 feet; now I have done it 3 times.  It feels good.

As I drove home last night, I was overwhelmed with the amount of success and support the Lord has granted me.  It is hard for me to truly express in words what it means to have so many people behind me.  I hope you are encouraged as you journey with me, because I am extremely encouraged by all of you.



My good friend Kristi came to support me at Mt. SAC

Her awesome photo skills caught a pretty good action shot 🙂