Hey All! Well today me and my dad headed down to Mt. SAC to compete in their pole vault summer series… The last time I was here I jumped 4.10, and Thursday’s practice rocked… Needless to say I was ready for a big bar today, so what did I come out and do?!? I no-heighted!

Everytime (and I think there has been four now) its feels like a blow to the chest.  Nothing in particular was really wrong, but nothing was quite right.  After a great practice Thursday I was definitely bummed to not have performed to the level I hoped for, but instead of anger or sadness or frustration, I took it with a grain of salt and a load of thankfulness.  Thankfulness for the ability to vault.  Thankfulness for being a part of a totally rad sport.  Thankfulness to hang out with the pops for the day.

God is good, Jesus rocks, and here’s to moving forward and making a bar next time!