A couple weeks ago I got to enjoy the company of my two good friends Paul Greg and Nathan (i know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry, Paul Greg is one person!).  Lunch with the two of them can be nothing but encouraging!  As I told them all about my adventures I could really see their faces excited about the possibilities ahead.  They took note of everything I had been learning and brought to light all the useful/practical skills pole-vault will bring to my future.  I thought I’d share the top three suggestions with all of you:

# 3: If and when I find myself on tour in China, I will not have to go through the trouble of climbing all the stairs to get on top of the Great Wall.  As long as I can find a tree branch of some sort, I will be able to vault my way right up!  Now who wouldn’t wanna skip the stairs of the Great Wall?!

# 2: After retiring from sport, I will be a number one recruit for the army.  When we go to battle and need to siege a castle, who will be enlisted in the front lines?!  You guessed it, none other than me.  So thankful to be able to do my part in serving my country.

# 1: And the number one way vaulting can be used in my future is surviving in the Amazon Jungles.  No longer will I need to worry about the piranhas, crocodiles, or pink river dolphins (they’re real, look it up!).  Swim across you say?  Nope! Fear no longer, I can just vault my way over with a stick of bamboo!

I’m so thankful to have great friends in my life, who truly bring perspective!  Just when I was asking myself the question of what to do with the actual skill of vaulting you provide the answers!  As proverbs says “A man has joy in a suitable answer, And how delightful is a timely word!”  So thank you for the wisdom Paul Greg and Nathan.  I truly love you both!