Tomorrow is the big day!  I hope everyone in Clovis can make it out to the Farmer’s market to watch the action at Street Vault 2011!  At the press conference today were some pretty impressive vaulters to say the least, and they are going to put on a big show for ya’ll tomorrow.  I am so honored to be a part of this event so quickly after having begun this whole adventure!  Vaulting begins at 5 and goes til about 9… I’m not sure exactly what time I will be vaulting, it truly depends on how quickly the competition moves tomorrow, however my best guess would be somewhere in the range of 6-6:30ish is when I will start.  If you have never been to street vault before I encourage you to come!  It really is one-of-a-kind, with the crowd, the atmosphere, the kettle korn and tri-tip, and all the free t-shirts that get thrown out to the crowd when competitors make a bar… there’s just nothing like it!  Well I’m off to make a good dinner and watch an inspirational movie (either Soul Surfer or Remember the Titans… maybe both ;)… just wanted to give you a heads up on tomorrow!