Good morning all!  This morning I am blogging for a different reason than to update on training progress.  Back when I started the blog God gave me the word SOAR and the idea that He desires for us to respond to opportunities big and small alike.  Yesterday I ran across a NPO that got my heart pumping!  Preemptive Love Coalition started with the dream of giving kids in Kurdistan, Iraq a healthy heart.  Starting small, the outcomes have become extraordinary.  Their goal for 2012 is over 400 heart surgeries, training local surgery teams to provide services for the years to come.  Their story is inspiring and their impact ever growing.

It only took the heart of three people responding for the hearts of hundreds to be saved.  It’s easy to read this and think, “that’s wonderful”, “how inspiring”, and never really be affected by their actions.  Maybe you aren’t called to start a non-profit in northern Iraq, but what ARE you called to?  Is there an issue or matter that stirs you deep inside whenever you hear about it?  There are areas of need in the lives of people around you, what are they? And who will respond if you are not willing?