It has been WAY to long since I posted on here, and even longer since I have posted a training update.  I am going to make an early New Year’s Resolution and try and post at least once a week from here on out throughout the entire season.  Today we will cover a training update!

Fall training has been going extremely well this year overall! We’ve had a few minor injuries or random things that have popped up and delayed some cycles, but everything is showing improvement. By pushing back our actual start date on vaulting and other more heavy-weight specific lifts, I hope to finish stronger at the end of next season!

This week finishes up our second test week of the the fall.  Test weeks are my favorite because you get to see a measurable increase, decrease, or stagnation that gives you motivation and tools for the next cycle.  It shows areas of weakness that you can revamp, and more excitingly shows you areas of improvement that give you the confirmation that hard work is paying off! My favorite moment this week came on Tuesday when we were testing our clean max.  Since reentering the sport in spring of 2011, I had yet to reach my lifetime max that I had achieved in college of 170lbs. It’s been a long road to get back into college shape, and this fall I have felt that I have been in the best shape of my life, college included. The day started off with going for a seasonal PR (personal record) lift of 165. After somewhat easily achieving that I decided to amp it up to 170 and see if I could once again tie what I had done in college… Done! What a great feeling to finally be back! Then came the kicker, lets go up to 175 and see if I could smash even my college record! The first time was a failure. But I had this feeling and decided to fully recover my body over the next 5 minutes and give it one more go. I set up the GoPro (cause who wants to miss having a PR on film) and went for it. And it happened! Rather quickly I realized, wow, I did it! It really happened! I love it! It was such a fun and accomplished feeling! And I kinda jumped for joy after… you can see on the video below!

It’s crazy how when hard work and effort are put into something the reward of going further than you have ever gone before becomes so sweet! Yes there are people in the world who lift more weight than me, and there are people in the world who lift less weight than me.  If I was in a competition for maxing on the cleans, I probably wouldn’t get first place, but the level of success came when I had done better than I have ever done before. Overhearing a conversation that my coach was having with another athlete this week put into words what I knew I loved about track and field… what is so unique and exciting about the sport of track and field, is the fact that it’s a measurable sport, one that any person of any level can obtain success at! There is a clock or a height or a distance that you are going for, and once you are measured, no matter what the level you start at, you can work for improvement! If you are willing to work, to put effort in, you will find success. You will reach a height you’ve never reached before. You will run faster than you have ever run before. You will throw or jump further than you have before. And when that day comes you will taste success!

Well I’m off to the track! The long awaited day of pulling out the pits for the season is finally here! My encouragement to you this weekend is go and do something fun, something that you know will energize you and fill you with a little joy! Whether it be going to coffee with a friend, reading a book, maxing out in your cleans, climbing a mountain, or cooking a nice meal, life is too short to not take in moments of pleasure! God Bless!