Choosing Joy.

It really is a choice.

Yesterday, after much anticipation and excitement, the Run For The Dream meet resulted with a performance that was less than expected. I felt great. I had a couple really good practices leading up to the meet. I had mentally prepared. Hometown advantage. Friends and family there to support me. My warm up rocked! My nails were painted! I was ready! But when it came down to performance, it was three up three down, failing to make a single bar.

I had an opportunity. I could have, in the moment of no-height, let negative thoughts invade my mind… OR I could chose joy. I could rest in the fact that I am blessed to be doing what I love! Yesterday was an opportunity for me to practice what I preach.

Worth does not lie in the outcome of performance, but in something much deeper.

Do I truly believe the words that I speak and encourage so many with? It’s not natural to react in joy when an outcome is less than expected. But what I have come to expect from my God is the supernatural ability to respond outside of natural instincts. My God did not fail me! Last night, truth invaded my mind before the negative could take root, and I thank the Lord for His provision! Be encouraged today that the Lord is by our side through the highs, the lows, AND the no-heights! He walks hand in hand with us wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever might be done to us… and that allows us to find our joy outside of our circumstance! Praise Jesus!