Rewind 4 days ago.  There I am, walking on the runway and I notice the sound of a loose spike.  Reaching down, I go to tighten it… That’s when I realize my spike isn’t loose.  Nope.  The bottom of my shoe is loose.  No biggie though, it’s just a little tear.

Rewind 2 days ago when little tear turns into bigger tear….

Hmmmm.  Now what?!  I have a meet on Friday, and there isn’t a running store anywhere around that sells jump spikes this time of year!  If worse came to worst, I would duct tape the heck out of them and hope they stayed together for one more practice and street vault on Friday, but I would prefer not to take that chance.  Thankfully through a good friend, a couple of contacts, and a very nice representative on the Nike hotline, hope was on the way!  Yes, that’s right and brand new pair of spikes came to my door just a few hours ago!  I’m feeling blessed and ready for a good practice tonight!

Check out the new addition to my life:


Thank you to my old spikes: you served me well for many years.  May you rest in peace.