Hello everyone! It’s so good to be back and to write another blog after what feels like forever.  Sunday night I arrived back in the states after having spent two weeks over in London. (No I wasn’t competing, though the thought of Rio 2016 gets me all tickled inside!)  I was in London partnering with the local churches putting on an event called Run The Race.  What an incredible experience to spend a week sharing in the national pride the Brit’s felt as their athletes responded to the home-town advantage, bringing home medal after medal.  To invest in their communities, spend time with families, play sports with the local children, encourage mothers, challenge fathers, and spark a fire in the youth was a blessing for me to have been a part of.   My first week was spent in a little community called Chalfont St. Peter working directly with Run The Race.  I was humbled to have the opportunity to speak on stage in front of a few hundred people, sharing a bit of my story, and hopefully encouraging them to take a moment to look at the opportunities God is placing in each of their lives to respond to His work.  In the afternoons my heart was filled with joy as I got to teach gymnastics to some of the local girls (cartwheels, forward-rolls, roundoffs, and my personal favorite: handstands!).  Every evening hosted a specified event and a pub-setting marquee for locals to come and watch Olympic coverage together.  Their goal was that no one in the community would experience the Olympics alone; that the love of Christ would be shown to the community throughout each event hosted.

The second week of my stay was purely tourism.  I spent a week in the heart of London and to my great excitement I not only saw the incredible history London has to offer, but my sporting heart was filled as I saw venue after venue that hosted each Olympic event!  I am so thankful and truly indebted to the friends and family that helped make the whole experience possible.  THANK YOU!  There is no better way to light a fire for fall training than to see what could be four years down the road!  Unlike any other international competition the Olympics have a unique way of bringing countries together under an umbrella of peace.  People and athletes take pleasure in representing their home countries without the feeling of hatred that can so often accompany one’s own national pride.  It’s a truly beautiful thing to watch, and something I dream to one day be a part of!

With that I am happy to back in the states and ready for whatever this fall has to offer!  Bring on the blood, sweat, and tears: I’m ready for the next level!