So here’s the story:

This afternoon Candace, my roomie from college soon-to-be Mrs. Hiller, and I were pulling into baggage claim at the Portland, OR airport.  As we round the corner I notice a van with a pole bag strapped to the top, and I think to myself “Oh that’s awesome, someone probably headed down to Eugene this weekend for the USA Track Nationals”… Then around the van walks Jenn Suhr.  Yes actually Jenn Suhr, and I immediately start repeating “Candace you have to pull over, you have to stop, do you have a paper, oh my gosh that’s Jenn Suhr!”  Haha oh man, it was hilarious, I was like a 5 year old girl at Disneyland!  Anywho, I found an old envelope in her glove compartment and hopped out of the car.  As I walked up to the window, she probably thought oh my gosh who is this crazy, but she sweetly rolled it down and I asked for her autograph “for Candace’s little sister”, too shy to say it was for myself!  (Is that bad? yes I know!)  But the coolest part of the whole thing was how nice she was.  Asking me if I was a pole vaulter and where I went to school and what not.  Rick (her husband/coach) even asked me if I was going down to watch the meet this weekend.  I told them unfortunately no, but that I wish her the best of luck on Sunday!  I was so amped when I got back to the car.  I mean really, what are the chances?! No, not chance, I think God gave me that gift today 🙂 and I am so thankful!
*Note for the non-track-followers: Jenn is the American Record holder in the women’s pole vault!

Well on that note, I am going to go to bed now and think about pole vault (like most nights now-a-days) and how someday when I am competing against Jenn I can tell her a funny story where a brand new pole vaulter almost pee-ed her pants when she met her.

Ps. we have the same middle name! 🙂