I thought I was supposed to be a leader.

I thought I was supposed to be successful at the top.

I thought God wanted to show the world how big and great and powerful He was by my success.

I thought I was failing Him.

And you.

But all along it’s been about the little things. It’s been about faithfulness in small moments. Never once have I heard God say to me, “Your success is what brings me glory.” No, I’ve only heard time and time again a little whisper in my heart saying, “be faithful in the little things…”

“You see the character of a life is not set in two or three dramatic moments, but in 10,000 little moments. The character formed in those little moments is what shapes how you respond to the big moments of life.” – Paul Tripp (Trading One Dramatic Resolution)

His glory is shown through our character; our character developed through ten thousand choices to obey. Small moments like that aren’t public. Little choices of obedience are rarely seen and therefore often go un-praised. So in my head and in my heart I desire the dramatic. The big. The powerful.

“In our weakness we desire the big moments so we can feel significant, but our Father knows that the constant little moments are what bring us growth and humility in unison.” – Angie Ringger

I wanted to be a leader.

I wanted to be successful at the top.

I wanted to show the world how big and great and powerful our God was by my success.

I thought I was failing Him.

Yet, I wasn’t failing Him.

Or you.

Because it has never been about the big moments. It’s never been about my success. It always has been and always will be about faithfulness in the little moments. God knew what He was doing when He formed the world and formed my heart. He knew it would be prone to pride, so in His unending wisdom He set it up in a way where the greatest growth would happen in moments unseen. And the message He would speak to and through me would be faithfulness in the little things.

“As we mature and go through life, we discover the ‘big things’ often aren’t as important as the ‘little things’, using the gifts God planted in us in a variety of circumstances…” – Alli Worthington (Breaking Busy)

Though my heart sometimes attempts to move on, God lovingly and faithfully brings me back to the lesson that began it all; the one in which I first learned to SOAR; the one I will never get passed… “Those who are faithful in little will be faithful in much.” No matter what path we take or what success we encounter we never really move past the little things, because even the dramatic moments in our lives are really just public displays, culminations if you will, of a million more minute moments. And if we loose sight or stop doing the minute, the big will surely perish. Sometimes I see your big moments and forget that they are really the culmination of your 10,000 unseen moments of choice. Therefore, I strive for big moments instead of being faithful in the little. Do you see my big moments and think the same thing? Oh friend, I’m praying we are reminded, daily, of the importance of the little things! I’m praying we become people committed and faithful to little moments! Because it is there that our character is formed. It is there that Christ is glorified. It is there that we are able to truly see opportunity and respond!

SOAR Intentionally my friend!