As we enter into our second training cycle I propose a new addition to the regime: Skywalk Sessions!  As of two weeks ago, Fresno has its very own trampoline gym!  Last night around 8:00pm I ran across the website; the pictures and video got my heart racing so quick that I couldn’t wait another minute to check it out.  No more than an hour later was I out the door ready to spring into action.  Joined by my spectacular mama (who by the way pulled out front flips!), landed a late night workout sesh.  With over 7,000 square feet of trampoline and one huge foam pit, my life was once again flipped upside down.  The pit allowed me to bust out all the cool moves ;).  Front flips, back flips, double flips, twisting flips… ahhh I smile just thinking about it.  So whatcha say coach?  Trampoline training yea?