Today has been a restful day, one that was needed and one that will need to be replicated a few more times in the next couple of weeks.  The week began feeling a bit sore (refer to last post) but turned into something more.  I can’t really put words to what this week has been except that I have been feeling very off, mentally and physically. 

For me practice begins about an hour or so before my coach gets there.  I warm up and do drill work so that when coach arrives its go-time.  You see we usually practice on his lunch break or as the kids we coach are warming up, allowing us only limited blocks of time.  However, God has allowed these blocks to be extremely productive.  (Quick side note: I could not be more thankful to have a coach committed to spending his sparse amount of down time and lunch coaching me!)  Well practice Tuesday started off less than encouraging and grew more discouraging as the minutes passed.  I was having a huge mental and physical battle that I was quickly surrendering too.  Everything in me wanted to just put it away and call it quits for the day before coach came out and wasted his lunch break, but something in me wouldn’t allow it.  Then Doc showed up.  Doc is an amazing man who graces the track many days while I practice.  He is a man who when he speaks you want to listen, because more often than not you learn something about life you never knew before.  The next 20 minutes were spent listening to Doc tell us about life; being a husband, being a father, when to push and when to hold back, the importance of love and grace, and most importantly modeling a life of Christ.  His wisdom lifted my spirits and I know God kept me out there so He could speak to me through the words of Doc.  It’s incredible to me that God has a million different voices; sometimes His voice rings with the innocence of a child and other times is resounds with the wisdom of grandfather… but we can be sure of this, that He will use the voice that our heart needs to hear.  So today I am thankful for a God who speaks to my heart when I am weak, and a man who through the years has been faithful in humbly following the Lord, bringing wisdom to a young woman who needed to hear.