The Doctor’s Office: not the ideal place to spend my first Saturday off in weeks, but it’s where I ended up.  Friday afternoon I went up to the Stanislaus twilight meet and two or three jumps into my warm up something felt wrong in my wrist.  However the conditions were PERFECT (something that’s been rare this season) and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to compete.  Other than my opening height I was unable to clear a bar, but mostly because my arm was hurting so bad that I ran faster than usual, putting me under my take off mark.  Maybe I should have pulled out, but I don’t think anything is worse off from the extra few jumps than it was when I warmed up.  Doc said its just strained ligaments in the wrist, and I have to admit I am relieved its nothing too serious.  But for an athlete injury is always frustrating, especially little nagging ones.  Good thing I can still do speed and plyo work when I can’t move my wrist for the next few days.

On the upside it was great to see my friend Lizzy have an encouraging day, one much needed in her season.  She cleared 4.05m and had three great attempts at 4.20m.  She was able to take advantage of the warm day and great tail wind, and I am sure she’s ecstatic to be up and over 4m again.

I’m looking forward to a healed wrist but until then I’m gunna keep on keepin on :).