Today I come into this post with nothing planned, but I wanted to post because I haven’t said much in the past couple of weeks; so here it goes… Two things have been on my mind today: first and foremost, how proud I am to be a coach, to watch the victories along with the heart-breaks, and helping my students find value in them all.  This weekend was the California Track and Field State Meet for high schoolers.  My freshman, Machiah Murray, stepped up to the plate two weeks ago winning the Central Valley Championships guaranteeing her spot at this weekend’s State Meet.  On Friday night she stepped up once again capturing a spot in Saturday night’s finals.  Last night, the final evening of the season, was tough all the way around: weather conditions were less than ideal, officials were more rigid than any other meet, and there was more pressure than ever going into the competition… Though it was tough to watch her miss all three of her attempts at the opening height, it was beautiful to watch the process of moving forward–> from hugs and tears, to solemn silence, to a great conversation of lessons learned and huge accomplishments achieved… By the end of the night, my freshman (and I only keep saying freshman because it’s truly amazing the things she accomplished this year at such a young age) had shown some incredible growth.  I am truly proud of her composure throughout our entire season together.  Placing 12th overall in the state of California and 2nd freshman overall is an amazing feat!  I love it and I love her!

The other thing I have been in awe of throughout today is the incredible diversity and craft God has used in creating each and every individual.  It blows my mind the intricacy placed into each of us, and the beauty that it is when we uncover new layers in the people we know.  Psalm 139 says “For you formed my inner parts, you wove me in my mother’s womb.  I will give thanks to You (our God) for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”  When was the last time you or I truly believed and prayed those words to God?  These words are truth!  Our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our laughter, the things that make us cry, the passions that stir us deep in the soul, were formed by God when we were yet in the womb of our mothers.  Are we thankful for the things God has given us, or are we jealous of others and the giftings they have?  Human nature is to be jealous: that’s why there are sayings such as “the grass is greener on the other side”.  However, God intended us to recognize our worth as He recognizes it.  And not just our own, but to be thankful for the giftings others possess that we do not.  It’s hard to put into words the deep passion I feel towards this truth, but I do hope that the words of Psalm 139 can create a yearning to know the One who created you.  God made you in the image of Himself, to reflect attributes of Himself to those around you.  Don’t deprive the people in your life of the opportunity to see God through you.  Because you are truly fearfully and wonderfully made!