It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update and I have had the opportunity to compete three times, twice last weekend and then again yesterday. We’ll start with the LA recap of last weekend…

My travels down to LA started Thursday evening after high school practice, and I arrived to a warm greeting and comfy bed by my good friend Kristi!  I am truly blessed to have so many people journey along with me on this adventure.  It was so good to catch up and be encouraged by her that night, as it had been a particularly hard week emotionally that lead to at least two meltdowns… But like I said God really opened my eyes to the support and love I have from SO MANY people in my life I can’t even begin to count them all!

On Friday I competed in the B section at Mt. SAC and cleared a mark of 4m (13′ 1.5″).  I was truly hoping for more, but with no coach and borrowed poles I was having a little difficulty putting things together.  That evening I was hosted by the Morika family and yet again had a good meal, great conversation, and a warm/comfy bed (I’m telling ya: blessed!).  Thanks to Mt. SAC and Brian Yokoyama I was able to borrow the same poles for my meet at Cerritos the next day.  Getting a better feel for poles and an earlier plant lead to some better jumping the next day, however I blew through a couple poles and ended up with a big fat no-height!  Overall I would say jump wise it was awesome to have a three or four meet streak of 4m marks, but I felt a little antsy and anxious to have a breakthrough.

Fast forward to yesterday where I competed at the Bulldog Open here in town.  I had more confidence going into the meet than I have all year!  Having familiar poles, my coach, and my family gave me the boost that I have lacked for weeks now.  The Lord blessed me with a PR jump yesterday of 4.15 (13′ 7.25″)!  When the bar went up to 4.25 (13′ 11.50″) I made the rookie mistake of jumping for the bar, but having my first look at that height was a good experience!  Oh gosh, I know I have so far to go, and so much to learn… but yesterday was so refreshing and so exciting!  There is nothing like pole vault and the rush of a new height, and I want to savor the PR for just a moment before getting fired up for that 4.25, 4.30, or higher clearance that is right around the corner! It’s the little victories in life that make it worth while, and if we forget to celebrate them I feel like we will burn ourselves out before we reach the big goals we’ve set before us!  So go, and celebrate that little thing that has happened recently…  Or look forward to that next step in the process of reaching your dream!


 Blurry phone pic of the 4.15 clearance!


Celebrate the victories! YESSS!