The past few weeks have been slack on the posting, but not for lack of eventfulness in life.  I am happy to say that fall has started and though cooler weather may have only peaked its head through the door before snatching away for a few more weeks, everything else is screaming fall!  And for the track athlete the most important indicator fall has arrived would be the beginning of strength and conditioning.  Back in the weight room and back to basics.

The past three weeks have included numerous repetitions of the same exercises.  This creates a good baseline, and a foundation of muscle memory is laid in hopes of preventing injury in future weeks of heavier loads.  Test week is now upon us, and I am being humbled through the weaknesses and encouraged through the strengths which are being revealed to me.  I think the hardest part of testing after having been away for three years is the inability to reach maximums that I know my body was once able to attain.  But, for the first time ever I think I am more excited to focus on areas of weakness rather than areas of strength.  Yes, the work is harder and usually not as fun, but how am I ever to improve or grow if I continue to ignore the weakness in my training.  And like so much of this adventure, God has been paralleling lessons is training to my day-to-day relationship with Him.  You see, my tendency is to gravitate towards areas of excellence and ignore areas that demonstrate weakness.  It’s my pride.  I want to be strong, I want to independent, and I want to show the world just exactly what I can do.  But in the end I’m human and I have vulnerabilities; and Christ’s desire is to humble me through my weakness and thus create room for me to stand awestruck by His strength.  It’s been the most freeing concept to grasp a hold of.  There is nothing can do in life, only what Christ does through me.  This body is His, this mind is His, and this soul is His.  Everything about me  is here to bring Him honor and glory.  He is the one who created me in His image.  He created my “strengths” along with my “weaknesses”.  I put those words in quotations because strengths and weaknesses are determined by the eye of the beholder.  The value or esteem certain qualities posses will differ from person to person.  Freedom is found when we align our views with what God values and esteems.  Biblically we’re told time and time again that “God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble”, that He values a pure heart and one who seeks after Him.  So it is time to let go of the pride and embrace the weakness because He said to me “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”.  May my strength be found in Christ alone.