“You are carrying a lot of unnecessary tension.”

As I run down the runway for my first attempt, struggling to take off the ground, this phrase rings forth from my coach’s mouth.
It echoes over and over again at the start of each session.

Unnecessary tension.

Try to get rid of it…

Unnecessary tension.

Again? I thought this time would be different.

Unnecessary tension.


Unnecessary tension.

My addiction.

It’s what causes me to not take off the ground. It’s what heightens the struggle to perform a smooth vault. It’s the thing I hold on to, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because the release of it means I have to relinquish my grip and trust the unknown. For me there is a sense of security that comes from pushing and striving. For some reason I feel like if I try harder I will vault better. However, spoken from the lips of those much wiser than myself, “there is a rhythm to the vault that can only be obtained when you relax.”

But if I relax does that mean I won’t be fast? And if I am not fast how the heck will I be able to accomplish this impossible task laid before me?

The truth of the matter is, when I relax, my running form improves and the distance covered in each step grows. My speed increases as the impact of my foot against the ground produces more power. My body becomes more properly positioned to transfer that power into the pole. And what would you know, I am able to vault much more effectively! Yet habits over the years have built a comfortability in the less effective systems. It’s scary to become more effective because it takes releasing old habits, admitting the fault in them, and intentionally choosing discomfort. And here lies the irony of it all: the more I step into the unknown, releasing the unnecessary tension that restrains my mind and my muscles, that uncomfortable unknown becomes the comfortable known.

Oh goodness can I please draw the parallel into the other areas of my life as well?? It reflects all too clearly! God calls me to relinquish my grip and perceived control and trust Him. Stepping into the unknown and trust that He knows. To trust His provision financially. To trust His guidance relationally. To trust His grace and mercy faithfully.

Unnecessary tension

Left behind.

Released for growth.

Intentionally choosing discomfort.

Abolishing the less efficient systems.

Learning a new relaxed rhythm.

Becoming more effective.

Ask yourself. Is there an area in my life that I carry unnecessary tension? My job, my faith, my family, my relationships… Is there a place where I say to myself “if I relax my grip I will never be able to accomplish what is laid before me?” That’s usually a good indicator that you are carrying some unnecessary tension. Can I tell you from experience –> the firm grip is rendering you less effective than you were created to be. To become more effective you will need to release your grip and perceived control; releasing old habits, admitting the fault in them, and intentionally choosing discomfort. You have to step outside your comfort zone and choose to trust the unknown.

But be encouraged!

When you trust God (who knows everything)
the uncomfortable unknown will become the unstoppable, uninhibited, unimaginable known!