Unwinding after a busy, yet very good, couple of weeks.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Pacific Northwest and compete at the University of Washington’s Husky Invite.  To be honest, the competitions were not what I hoped for.  The things I had been working on in practice did not translate over into the meet and I walked away a bit frustrated.  However, it was a great learning experience, as is every meet.  And I walked away a bit humbled in my abilities, but not in my expectations.  By that I mean that I was brought back to reality in just how much work is ahead of me in this sport, but that reality only fueled me to want to get better, work out the kinks, and raise the bar.  A huge thanks for The Reed’s, The Wallsteadt’s, and The Hiller’s for putting me up, taking care of me, and making the entire weekend possible!!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of competing here in Fresno, CA!  It is so nice to compete in front of and with the support of friends and family!  Not only do I get to sleep in my own bed, make my own breakfast, and go to my home church before the meet… but I get the support from Team SOAR and the people who mean the most in my life!  The competition went much better, though if you look strictly on heights made it was about the same.  That is the craziness of this sport.  Sometimes you have a technically awful day but somehow the bar just stays on, and other times you have an amazing technical day and the most random thing will brush the bar off. But to be completely honest I will take the technically sound day over the pure luck day every time.  Because in the end that is what will translate into higher heights in the long run.  A huge thanks to The Raymundo’s, The Mettler’s, Donna Blohm, Brad Beekman, my coach, and my parents who came out to support me at the meet!  You guys rock my world!

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks…

University of Washington Indoor Track


Mr. Ransom Reed who I got to meet for the first time!


My bestie from college and her girl Kennedy Grace I also met for the first time!


My God-Sissy Krissa! (behind the camera was her amazing husband Nick)


Indoor Run For The Dream Track (Fresno, CA)


My first bar clearance at Run For The Dream (photo credit: CRAIG KOHLRUSS/THE FRESNO BEE)