This weekend presents the US Indoor Track and Field National Championships, and thankfully its an Olympic year which means more coverage of the lesser watched sports such as track!  Sunday Feb 26th ESPN will be broadcasting 2 full hours; so for those of you less familiar with the sport, tune in and see some of the fastest, strongest, most explosive athletes the world has to offer.  For the track fanatics such as myself there is a live webcast where you can watch more than just the highlights.

This year will be a little more fun watching the coverage having met some of the athletes competing. It will be fun to root them on, and even more fun to say – i “know” them! – when they win. ;).  And just wait until next year… you’ll be able to watch me on the webcast and say “i know her!”.

This weekend I will be up at CSU Stanislaus competing in an open meet they are hosting.  The weather says 65 and sunny.  Perfect day to SOAR high.  I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.

Have a very blessed weekend!


Hebrews 11:6