Ever since the end of July, I’ve been waiting on, and sifting through, and searching for the right direction, the right words, and the right understanding for the answer to “What’s next?”.

What’s next in training?

What’s next for SOAR?

What’s next in life?

The truth of the matter is as much as I know, that much I don’t know! Which is both a whole lot and nothing at all.

For those of you who have been following along since the beginning, you know that I have been training pole vault for the past five (almost six) years! It’s been a whirlwind of an adventure and it led me to begin this thing called SOAR. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about how SOAR could become more than just a phrase I use or a blog I write on. And while I’ve been dreaming you know what I’ve realized? It already has. It’s already more than just a blog. More than just a phrase. It’s woven itself into the fabric of my Christian life and in turn the Christ-life has woven itself into the phrase. Now, I’m just figuring out how to best communicate it to the world around me!

So what’s been going on behind the scenes recently? Well, I’ve been working on the new look of the site, developing a definition of SOAR, wrestling through what my voice is if I step away from training, and creating a resource to help you better engage in, rather than merely follow along with, the entire process! There has been so much going into it, I wanted to wait until everything was just perfect before re-launching it all. But today I remembered that waiting for perfection is a nemesis of mine!

There’s a subtle difference between waiting for great and waiting for perfect, and last week on the Happy Hour Podcast the words of Tara-Leigh Cobble brought up a great point, “our greatest strengths, untrained, are our greatest weakness.” I know that God has given me the gift of patience and waiting (developed through 31 years of internal tantrums but that’s neither here nor there). Whether in training, or writing, or dating, or working… I’m willing to wait for great. And it’s a strength! But the enemy also likes to twist that strength into a paralyzing weakness, telling me to not move until it’s perfect.

I think know that’s why God gave me SOAR.

To keep me moving when I’m waiting for perfect and to keep me waiting when I’m tempted to settle for less.

So, in the spirit of SOAR, rather than waiting on the perfect crescendo I’m moving forward with the incredible progress that’s already been made and inviting you into the rest of the process!

Welcome! Glad you’re here! Here’s the new look and a framework for what’s to come! As of right now I’m working on, but am not finished with, the resource I mentioned above which will help SOAR encourage and engage your walk with Christ! And while I am working I wanted to ask you something… Will you help me in the development process?? I have some questions I know how I would answer, but I’m dying to know your response! It’s one thing to have your own thoughts, it’s a whole other thing to have the thoughts of an entire group. Just like many things in life, I think it’s most effective to have both. You don’t have to be perfectly, or even actively, walking out your faith… If you’re willing, I want to hear the real deal response from right where your at in this moment today! (And if you’re brand new with zero context to SOAR think of it as a word describing ‘a faith that moves mountains’.)

Okay here are the questions:

1. If you were to open up your email right now with a resource on SOAR, what would you hope was in it??

2. What questions do you have about SOAR?

3. When it comes to following Jesus, what hesitations do you have about going “all-in” with your life?

4. What area of your life have you’ve been most encouraged in as you’ve follow along on here or Instagram?

5. Is there any area of thought or action that has specifically changed because of SOAR?

I would love love love your feedback on this!! Answer one or answer all! Do it in the comments on here or Instagram, or email me directly at YOUR feedback is invaluable to me!

My heart’s desire is that a flood of people would rise up and let their faith in Jesus wash over the lives of those around them – and this will happen through our willingness to See Opportunity And Respond!

Welcome to the new site! I am looking forward to getting the resource out soon! Sign up here to get your free copy when it arrives! Until then my friend, keep looking to Jesus and SOAR Intentionally!