Well Saturday did not pan out the way it was originally planned… but it was a very good day none the less.  The evening meet at Buchanan, the one I was supposed to compete in, was rained out.  However the few hours before provided sun and good temperatures for our high school kids to compete in the West Coast Relays.  There were so many good performances despite the 20mph winds that I couldn’t help but smile even though I didn’t get my opportunity to bust a move.  I have to take a moment and brag about my three jumpers…

First: My boy Spencer.  He came out and jumped 6′ 3″ and had three incredible attempts at 6′ 5″.  I am learning more and more how to coach guys, and as we get his run up dialed in, I think he’s going to surprise himself with some huge clearances.  Later in the day during his triple jump competition the rain rolled in and temperatures dropped.  Each attempt he took brought stronger winds, heavier rain, and colder temperatures.  After three fighting attempts I pulled him from his fourth and we called it a day.  If you ask him about his performance he probably won’t be too happy, but I couldn’t be more proud.  He fought through the weather, and at the end of the day its in those times the biggest lessons are learned.  Circumstances may not be ideal, but it’s how we approach them that makes all the difference.

Second: My girl KB.  She is 1/2 of the team we like to call “Milky Way”.  She’s been struggling to get back in the grove of high jump the past few weeks, but she came out and competed strong on Saturday.  Not only did she have a personal best for the season, she jumped 1 inch under her lifetime pr, and did it with ease.  We all experience that “funk” as an athlete.  You know the one where you can’t do the skill that you have performed hundreds if not thousands of times before.  It’s discouraging and hard not to give up when it seems to be lasting forever, but it’s so relieving when you finally break the cycle.  She didn’t give up and she didn’t give in, and I loved watching that smile and that bounce come back into her step.

And lastly: My girl Kiah.  The other 1/2 of our “Milky Way”.  We had a mini replay of the Valley Championship meet from last year.  Only this time we had 4 girls over 5′ 5″ and it came down to final attempts.  With three girls missing their third attempt, Kiah was the last one up.  She approached the bar, took the jump, and soared over 5′ 7″, not only winning the competition, but setting a new personal best, and a new school record.  Being the final competitor she opted to raise the bar to 5′ 8″, and once again cleared with ease.  What I loved about the whole thing is that she made a statement.  Not only did she step up when a win was on the line, she raised the bar and left the others in the dust.  I loved watching her take it to the next level, mentally, physically, and competitively.

There are a lot of other performances that I could brag about, like my girl Casey, who came out fighting a crazy head wind making the Cal Poly coach pause mid-sentence to watch her clear 11′ 2″ like it was nothing.  Or my guy Michael Brooks who broke the 42 barrier in the 300H for the first time this season in a less than ideal wind-in-the-face-last-100m… but I’ll let you get back to your day.  I hope you all have a restful Palm Sunday, and you get a few moments to thank God for allowing you to have another day with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Next weekend: Standford Invitational.

Stay tuned for results.

My Kids: Kiah, KB, and Spenc