Life’s pace has picked up and with that the intentionality to maintain faithfulness in the little things has become increasingly important. Admittedly I am doing better in some areas than others and although a few areas have fallen off, one discipline I am focusing on maintaining this spring is the practice of the “post-meet debrief”. At the end of each meet we process what happened. What were our intentions entering the meet, what actually happened during the meet, was there a gap between the two, and what factors may have caused it?? My coach has a specific format he likes to use, and though we do not necessarily have to follow it word for word, I love the structure of it, and therefore will continue to use it throughout the season…

One of my favorite parts of the debrief comes at the end. It asks, “What did you learn that you would not have learnt if you had not done this competition?” That question¬†causes me to stop and think; what area(s) of growth has this experience caused… It has the ability to turn each competition into something positive no matter the outcome. Not only has it helped me process what happened during the experience, but it sets me up with purpose heading into the next meet.

The beauty is in the simplicity of the question… From the complexity of the experience (emotions, interactions, thought processes, successes, failures) simply: what did you learn?

Learning is the key to development and growth. Without it we remain in a stagnant state; with it opportunities arise before our very eyes. I feel like the great Dr. Seuss summed it up well when he said…

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

We were meant to go.

What if we took the debrief practice from the competition realm and established the habit in our daily domains?! What if we asked ourselves at the end of each day,¬†“What did I learn that I would not have learnt had I not experienced today?” What do you think would happen? Would you learn? Would you grow? Where would that growth lead?

The debrief isn’t some extremely sophisticated tool only meant for the elite. It is almost funny how simple a practice it is. But the key is intentionality. Even the smallest measure of intentionality can lead to big changes…

So I leave you with this question,

“What did you learn by experiencing today?”