What IF you said yes. Yes in that one short moment. Yes to that small nudge that God placed on your heart. Yes.

What IF that one small step of obedience became five. And those five became ten. And those ten became twenty.

What IF the single choice to act became a habit of action.

What IF.

This weekend God chose to reignite a fire that if I am honest with myself, and honest with all of you, has dwindled to just a flickering in my heart for quite some time now. A flame that once blazed bright, but has been tempered by self-doubt. A fire of belief that the small things are exactly what turn into the big things; that one single act of obedience leads to a life that can be radically used by God! He’s hungry for a people who are willing to step into a life where they see opportunity and RESPOND. He’s ready for a people to lay aside doubt and fear, complaining and grumbling, self-doubt and self-absorption… who will actually choose His will over their own. It will start with the simplest of things. He will guide each step. He will prepare your heart for each moment. But He wants a person willing to say yes. I’m not sure what your yes is going to be, but can I challenge you to ask Him, today, to give you an opportunity to respond too. I mean really ask Him. And then listen. Will you risk taking one small step of action? Say to Him, “God, teach me to be faithful in the little things”. And then when the prompting comes,¬†no matter how silly it may seem,¬†choose to act. Let’s just see what happens…